My consultations are informative, educational, client-empowering. They are focused and results oriented. I begin with an in-depth interview to provide a personalized service. An interior and exterior site analysis and solutions, plus a brief 9 star astrology reading follow. Secret cures and ceremonies most suitable for the individual client are offered. I use guided meditation to invoke the power of Spirit and endow blessings.

Energy Clearing:

Imagine if you never swept or cleaned your home or business. How would that affect your health? Energy clearing addresses the invisible build up of stress from the accumulation of emotions such as fear, depression, anxiety, worry, rage. These as well as electromagnetic frequencies can get anchored in the memory of your body or space. Such invisible clutter can prevent you from moving forward in life. Terumi has been internationally trained to identify the source of invisible disturbances and to clear them. Visit  for more information. 

Long distance telephone consultations are also available.
To schedule a consultation, contact:

Terumi Leinow
P.O. Box 154
Woodacre, CA 94973
Telephone: 415.488.4580


Terumi's amazing mastery and gifted teachings helped me realize a lifelong dream. She imparted to me, principles, tools and powerful rituals on Relationships. In two months, I met my soul mate and within 8 months we married. Her work is powerful and effective.
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SRachel,Actress

My business was in a slump. Terumi gave me advice on prosperity. Soon after, my telephone began to ring off the hook. The telephone has not stopped ringing! Call it luck, I call it the power of Feng Shui.
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SBetsy, Business Owner

Terumi has a wonderful way of combining Feng Shui with my spiritual beliefs. She created an incredibly personalized ritual that resulted in the best possible of IRS determinations. I have my life back!
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SKaren, Business Owner

A month after Terumi's consultation the calls started to come. In 6 months my income went up seven times from the year before. Everything I dreamed of has happened.
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng STracy, Realtor.

Terumi works with the deeper energies and principles of Feng Shui rather than using a cookbook recipe approach. She spans across spiritual traditions and threads together fitting archetypal images to help relate often foreign material in familiar images and symbols. If you want a deeper alternative than mere formulas, Terumi's consultations offer you that direct access to the energies of your space, home or business.
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SEric, Workshop Coordinator

“Amazing things started happening. I received an exciting job offer from an unlikely source. My son took a 4 hour nap after you left (first time ever that long. His room went from being the coldest in the house to the warmest. You are truly blessed to help people make such positive and tangible changes in their lives.”
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SEM, Los Gatos

“I’m now working! You were able to take the weight I was feeling off of my shoulders. You have truly allowed my future to become wide open. I can’t thank you enough.”
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SML, San Francisco

“The feeling in the office was palpable when we returned on Monday….especially in the conference room! My office also feels lighter and the shift has already begun with the level of phone calls and interactions with our clients.”
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SDP, San Rafael

“Thank you for the magic you performed at my home. I have not awakened once during the night since you cleared the energy; I slept 11 hours! I also got a new client and two people called today. Things are looking up!”
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SJC, Sausalito

I feel like I have my life back. I thought it was the interior design or the paint color I needed to change. Now I know it was the energy. We put the house back on the market and received 3 offers at higher than the asking price!!”
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SSA, Folsom Lake

I was lost for solutions to my parent’s misery; they’d call every day and say “someone wants to hurt us " "nightmares" " feeling cold " "not being comfortable , fear” I took my parents to doctors for solutions and nothing changed. They were so afraid and were going to move. Then, after your energy clearing, my parents feel comfortable – they do not feel that cold, sick and afraid and best of all, no nightmares. I can’t thank you enough for what you did for them.
Feng ShuiFeng ShuiFeng Sg ShuiFeng SPS, South San Francisco


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