I have been on a lifelong quest for beauty and simplicity. Learning to be right here, right now, with an open heart, is my daily spiritual practice. The more I feel how it is to come back to balance moment to moment, the more I can slow down, stop worrying about the future, and savor the miracle in each breath.

It is from this grounded, core essence that I work with a wide variety of both personal and business clients.

As a certified Feng Shui and Space Clearing Consultant, I draw on multiple traditions to restore harmony and balance on both inner and outer levels.

My years of training in various energy disciplines, including martial arts, shamanism, and Tantric Buddhism, make it easy for me to tune into the energy of a space. I completed a three-year master’s training program inspired by Grand Master Lin Yun, the world’s leading authority on Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui, and am also certified as an Environmental and Personal Clearing Practitioner by Eric Dowsett, a pioneer in this field.

My decades of work (as Dulce Oikawa) with various multi-national organizations, including the Canadian Foreign Service, Canadian Medical Association, British Columbia Teachers Federation, and international mining conglomerate, TECK Corporation, allow me to feel comfortable in the business arena.

More than a consultant, I consider my relationship with my clients to be that of teacher and partner. It is my responsibility to involve you each step of the way in understanding what may be happening in your environment to cause stress and imbalance.

Through compassionate listening, taking one step at a time, I help you to achieve clarity and balance so that you can plant healthy new seeds in the garden of your life.

There is a magnificent inter-connection to all life. Ritual transforms the mundane. Ritual infuses spirit into intention to manifest dreams and desires. When we honor the earth, center in our heart and call on heaven's help, magic happens. Contact: Terumi@Leinow.com when you need help to:
• Empower and activate Feng Shui cures
• Design a special event (birthday, wedding, life changes)
• Purify and cleanse a space and restore balance
• Manifest specific results (relationship, finance, career, health)
• Celebrate new beginnings

Ritual is the heart and spirit of Feng Shui, and it is what I do best. See my new book titled "Tuning In: Simple Rituals for Everyday Living" - co-authored with Nancy Binzen. Now available - Click Here for details and order form.

Terumi Leinow
Spirit of Feng Shui
P.O. Box 154
Woodacre, CA 94973
Telephone: 415.488.4580


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