Feng Shui is the art and science of assessing, adjusting and creating a harmonious environment. Feng Shui is about "chi": energy, vital life force.
it is present in all living things. It affects every area of life.

My practice of Feng Shui includes:
* Creating a harmonious balance of outer & inner environments
* Intimately engaging visible and invisible forces of energy
* Recognizing how intention transforms life
* Applying magical cures to attain success
* Blending ancient wisdom with modern knowledge

Personal & Residential:
* Enhance, improve or create success in life
* Help to renovate, buy or sell a home
* Cleanse and clear negativity; reverse misfortune
* Address specific issues, health, relationship, money
* Commemorate a special event

* Activate profitability
* Attract increased business opportunities
* Enhance work flow and optimize productivity
* Problem solve and generate solutions
* Design and execute grand opening ceremonies



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