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Happy Spring Equinox (March 20) and
Happy Chinese New, Year of the Rooster (January 28)
The years of the rooster are always marked by success for those who have taken patience and hard work on their projects or investments. This year they will be able to see the fruits of everything they have dedicated for their businesses to flow. It?s predicted that some governments will take a tough line generating authoritarianism and there may be threats of various kinds causing clashes between nations. Rooster individuals are those born in 1933, '45, '57, '69, '81, '93, 2005, '17. They are said to be direct and talkative, hardworking, resourceful and courageous. Rooster individuals are good at managing money for self and others and loyal to friends and family.

In Feng Shui, this is the CHEN season and the element is WOOD. It symbolizes renewal, reawakening and rebirth. It's also associated with FAMILY, our connection to the future and allows us to plan, initiate and design in all areas of our lives. Wood provides us the vision and foresight to move ahead, to express our true nature and manifest ourselves in the world. WOOD is also associated with WIND, which can burst through and overcome obstacles. Wind can be sudden and violent, unpredictable and destructive as we have experienced during our fierce winter storms. At the same time, wind carries the seeds of life with it and spreads new life. It penetrates and overwhelms or gently massages with the breeze. It's the paradox of Wood that it can both destroy or create momentum to move forward. The essence of CHEN - Wood is renewal and rebirth. It gives us the ability to feel the freshness of life and the sense of hope. Wood allows us to be well rooted in the past, stand tall in the present and connects us to the future.

In California, springtime - CHEN is the most beautiful season when the hillsides have transformed into a magnificent GREEN. The color green therefore symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. What happens to the body in the presence of green? It's said that your pituitary gland is stimulated, muscles become more relaxed and you feel more calm. Green therefore has great healing power. It is the most restful color to the human eye and it's also the color of action. Green is everywhere - the most common color in the natural world. It's the color we associate with money, prosperity, the environment, revitalization and rebirth.


Abundant winter rains caused many tree roots to weaken and trees to topple. Soil erosion produced numerous slides and road closures. In February, I had three friends who fell - two of whom sustained spinal injuries.
Look for ways to strengthen and stabilize. Professionally, this is the season to review company vision and mission statements. What new projects, plans and activities do you wish to initiate? How will you coordinate your ideas into change and action?
Personally, review what areas of your life need renewal and strengthening. Commit to a program that will assist you in these areas.
Over the past year, I began working with the Vasper technology. Vasper is a revolutionary exercise and rehabilitation technology using cooled compression interval training that boosts personal fitness, athletic performance and healing in a low impact 20 minutes workout. It increases strength and energy, expedites recovery from injury, improves cardio health and more. For information, go to: OR (click on treatments). I like that it only takes 20 minutes and produces positive results.

Go out in nature and practice "forest bathing". For individuals working in office buildings locate a nearby park or waterway and take a restorative noon hour stroll in nature.
Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing. Shinrin-yoku translates to "taking in the forest atmosphere....or forest bathing". It refers to the process of soaking up the sights, smells and sounds of a natural setting to promote physiological and psychological health. It differs from hiking or informative nature excursions because it centers on therapeutic aspects. While a nature walk's objective is to provide informational content and a hike is to reach a destination, Shinrin-yoku gives participants an opportunity to slow down, appreciate things that can only be seen or heard when one is moving slowly and take a break from daily life stresses. Studies have found that forest bathing subjects had lower blood pressure, boosted immune system, reduced stress, increased energy flow and more. In Japan and Korea, forest therapy modalities are integrated into their medical system and are covered by insurance!

Nourish your heart by engaging in activities that spark joy!
Borrow the phrase "does this spark joy" from Marie Kondo's "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" in making choices. For a bountiful garden, compost and nutrients needs to be added for soil renewal and nourishment. In the same way, CHEN is the season to engage in activities that helps you renew and revitalize yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Wishing you a vibrant season of renewal. Blessings of the Chen Season.

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Learn how the universal principles of Feng Shui and Integrated Pest Management work together to create a dynamic and healthy garden.

Call for help in an Energy Spring Cleaning. It' like removing the weeds from the garden and using the transformative power of Feng Shui to plant new seeds of whatever you desire in yourr elationships, prosperity, creativity, health and more.


Happy Winter Solstice
December 21 and the season of KAN in Feng Shui. KAN represents CAREER and the element is water. As water covers 71% of the earth?s surface it is vital for all known forms of life on earth. Also, our human body is approximately 60% water so that all the major systems in our body depend on water. Career and water are therefore linked as our career provides us with the income to sustain life for ourself and our family. The words Feng Shui itself represent Feng (wind) and Shui (water) to promote harmony. Let?s consider additional ways in which water relates to career.

You experience healthy relationships with your boss, peers, clients.
New opportunities presents itself easily.
Income is greater than expenses.
Communications and self expression are effortless.

Individuals who are retired still need a flow of opportunity that keep them inspired and engaged in their lives.

When you experience conflict, limited opportunities, relationship strife, stagnation has likely set in. As stagnant water often becomes a breeding ground for disease, stagnation in KAN (career) contributes to depletion in your life force energy.

As the days shorten and winter cold sets in there is a tendency for us to become more sedentary when what we need is Flow and Movement to counteract stagnation. I recently attended Dynamic Aging lectures given by Dr. Audrey Mickel, Longevity and Wellness Consultant. Here are four helpful tips from Audrey to assist with positive flow.

1. As we age, water gets less absorbed by our tissues leading to dehydration. Add pinches of quality sea salt to our drinking water to help with absorption.

2. Take Hot and Cold alternating showers. Blood vessels constrict (massaging the blood) increases resilience, stimulates the thymus glands, improves circulation and boosts the immune system.

3. "Prolonged sitting is the new smoking". Reduce sedentary sitting by getting up and moving every 30 minutes. This could be as simple as alternating standing on one leg then the other, taking several deep breaths and circulating your arms. Move all the joints in your body daily. My husband, a friend and I enjoy watching Warrior basketball games on TV. At half time we get up from the couch and briskly walk around the living room, swing our arms and legs (and they do push ups).

4. Go outside (with as little clothing as possible) and absorb the rays of the morning sun. It?s therapeutic for the eyes, regulates our circadian rhythem and stimulates the pineal gland.


When my son was 3-4 years old, I counteracted the commercialism of Christmas by explaining that when people have birthdays, they receive gifts. But when it?s Jesus? birthday he asks his friend Santa Claus to give gifts to others. My son enjoyed selecting gifts for grandma and grandpa and help distribute foods at homeless shelters. My now adult son Chris is a loving, deeply generous young man.

Sometimes I feel helpless when I read about the worldwide refugee problem, the political arena, racism, sexism. Often, that?s when I go outdoors under the sky and sun and dance a hula written by my Grandmaster Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett. I dedicate the gift of aloha that flows from his profound music. Like refreshing rain falling on parched earth, it is my way of transmitting more light, love, peace and joy to the atmosphere.

Please click on the following Youtube link. I offer this hula to each and everyone of you in thanksgiving for the gift of Light that you are:

In this season of KAN I?m reminded of the biblical verse: John 1:5 "the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out." Every moment, with our thoughts, words and actions we choose to add to the Darkness, or to the LIGHT.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Blessings for a Happy New Year of the Rooster..

Happy Autumn Equinox,
September 22, the season of TUI in Feng Shui. TUI symbolizes Children and Creativity and the element is metal. Of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, water, metal, the latter is the most condensed TUI is therefore the culmination of our creative efforts and vision. It is about manifestation. For those who do not have physical Children, your creative efforts are your Children.

If TUI is about manifesting - how do we manifest Vibrant Health? Previous newsletters have addressed the major seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. In this newsletter let's look at the CENTER of the Feng Shui Eight Trigram: TAI CHI and HEALTH. The premise is that the degree to which we experience success in the eight areas of life briefly described below, is a reflection of our personal and professional HEALTH.

CAREER: Experience a successful career and enjoy positive social connections.
RELATIONSHIPS: Cultivate excellent relationships with self and others.
FAMILY: Ability to initiate new ideas and vision; strong family foundation.
FAME: Established a good reputation with colleagues, friends and community
SKILL/KNOWLEDGE: Continue to learn and grow in knowledge and skillfulness.
CHILDREN: Children are healthy; creativity and communication flows effortlessly.
HELPFUL PEOPLE: Strong spiritual connection with Divine source energy; open to receiving from benefactors.

The tai chi - yin/yang symbol is at the center of the Eight Trigrams. Yin/yang, feminine/masculine, dark/light - represents BALANCE. Autumn Equinox is when day and night are equal - in balance. Autumn Equinox, TUI, is therefore a good season to reflect on how balanced we are in various aspects of our life. Reflect on the Eight Trigrams listed above as a guide to your sense of overall HEALTH and well being. For instance, when I first arrive at a consultation, I walk around the property, business and rooms before sitting down with the client. The interior of the house could be immaculate yet the garage (perhaps located in the Wealth area) is jammed with unused storage; the Marriage area exhibits severe neglect. Or the Fame area of a business has a vacant, empty office. Often these provide valuable clues to the HEALTH of a client's personal or professional life.

Also review what is going on in the area of your home or business that reflects the Center. Our laundry room is located in the center of our home and it is an ongoing challenge yet necessary to keep it clutter free!

I have probably tried it all: raw foods, vegetarian, vegan, carb/gluten free, Paleo. Conclusion: It's OK to indulge in the occasional decadent dessert then "balance" it with a nutritious green drink. Combine a sedentary lifestyle with movement and physical activity. How balanced is your lifestyle?

If you are experiencing chronic pain or other physical ailments, here are two helpful resources: "Corrects dysfunctional coordination patterns at their source to get results" This is my go to bodywork center when my body is feeling out of whack. Founder, Jocelyn Olivier is an exceptional Master who understands body physiology and has developed a method for restoring the body to balance. By now it's mainstream knowledge that medical cannabis can work wonders for health - e.g. anxiety, stress, inflammation, cancer, pain, etc. My husband Leonard receives astounding feedback from clients on the positive health benefits of his products.

If you need assistance in restoring greater health to any aspects of your life, please contact me for a consultation. When appropriate and upon request, I will share a HULA (derivative of the Hawaiian word for healing - ho'ola) at the conclusion. My Hula Master Loea Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett is also a composer. His music is divinely inspired. Whenever I dance one of his songs, I feel all aspects of myself come into alignment (balance). Recipients often notice a palpable shift in the energy of the room. The aloha spirit transmitted through his hula is deeply healing and transformative.

Blessings of the Season

Summer Solstice
June 20, the official first day of summer. In Feng Shui, this begins the season of LI (the Chinese Goddess of Light). LI symbolizes fame, visibility and the element of Fire. In ancient China, the summer solstice was observed by ceremonies to also celebrate the earth, yin - the feminine. In Feng Shui, mid summer relates to KUN or Marriage and Relationships.

Just as seeds planted in springtime require the warmth of the Sun (fire) to grow and mature, in the same way, we need LI - positive visibility and a good reputation for our career and life to thrive and grow. However, it is also possible to gain LI - visibility, through the destructive forces of gun Fire as evidenced by recent tragic events in Orlando. This event certainly cast a cloud of sadness and fear on the cusp of summer time, which we generally associate with lightening up.

In response to this mass murder we can be inspired by two Biblical phrases: "God said, let Light shine out of the darkness" and "The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it." It?s a good time to remember that we, like the Sun, contain the power to nurture and sustain and burn as brightly as we can during these dark times. What other forces are associated with nurturing, caring and supporting? It is the Great Mother - Mother Earth. It is from Mother Earth that we and all animals receive the plant life that feed and nourishes us. She teaches us about KUN - marriage, relationships and the importance of nurturing respect and loving relationships with ourselves, one another and all living things.

Suggestions for the LI and KUN season:

Each thought we generate or action we take, contributes either to the pool of fear that is very present in our world or, to that which mitigates fear - love. Be mindful therefore and consider: are my thoughts, words and actions fear based? Is my fear therefore amplifying the energy of fear in the world? Or, can I think thoughts and take actions that nurture and support? It can be simple as smiling and saying thank you to the cashier or waiter/waitress, or holding a door open for someone.

Research findings indicate that whenever a simple act of kindness is extended by a human being towards another, it results in a significant improvement in the functioning of the immune system and increased production of serotonin in both the recipient of the kindness as well as in the person extending the kindness. Even more amazing, persons observing the act of kindness also experience a similar strengthening of the immune system and increased production of serotonin. Kindness is therefore a win-win-win producing beneficial effects in the giver, recipient and observer.

Practice random acts of kindness to enhance both Li and Kun in the world.


To locate these areas: when looking from the entrance, the middle of the property line or far wall is LI. The area to the farthest right hand portion reflects KUN, Marriage & Relationships. If you could use more positive "visibility" in your professional or personal life and need improvement in various aspects of relationship, review what is going on in these areas.

The most important action to take is, clean up any stagnant energy: remove dead branches on the property, clean up any unused items in the home or business. Add fresh plantings or place objects that enhance or "sparks joy" as Marie Kondo advises in "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up". Joy is also the emotion associated with LI.

Reduce clutter and keep objects and items that "spark joy".


Another way to enhance LI and KUN is to practice self care. Busy lives over flowing with commitments and activities often produce anxiety and stress. I encourage my husband to go for weekly two hour massages.

Take the time to regularly engage in activities that help reduce stress, promotes vitality and lights you up!

Wishing you all the Blessings of this season of LI and KUN.

Feng Shui and Energy Clearing are about transformation. If you need help in any area of your personal or professional life, please contact me for a life enhancing consultation.


Happy Spring
In Feng Shui, the CHEN season = Family, New Beginnings. The cycle of rebirth, renewal and new life begins again. We are also in the second month of the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. According to the late Grandmaster Lin Yun, he suggests "that all countries and people around the world should learn the wisdom, wit and agility of the monkey and use rational thinking to achieve success and to develop ourselves in this unstable society. One should use tactfulness in order for one?s business, wealth and career to prosper."

Monkeys are those born in 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944 and 1932. They are said to be intelligent, witty, charming, playful and great problem solvers. They can succeed at almost anything. Monkeys enjoy challenges and are adept at handling difficult situations. They can also be arrogant and manipulative. Suitable jobs include diplomat, journalist, writer, entertainer.

GREEN is the Chen (Family) color, symbolizing New Beginnings and New Growth. In California, the hills have transformed from parched brown into a brilliant green. The green pastures are also dotted with the first of YELLOW wild flowers. Yellow/gold represents the color related to HEALTH. Anytime you want to bring that sense of rebirth, new growth and fresh beginnings into your professional or personal life, add *green indoor plants or accessorize with the color green. *A NASA study validates how certain indoor plants can naturally remove toxic agents, absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen into the air. Adding bouquets of yellow daffodils can bring smiles and sunshine into your space!

Recently, my husband was designing another logo for a new product line. The graphic designer wanted to use only purple and blue in the design color. However, since the business is about Health and Healing (YELLOW/gold) and the GREEN growth of the medicinal cannabis plant, he wisely incorporated these color palettes into the design.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Feng Shui, the organ associated with the CHEN season is the liver. In keeping with the revitalizing qualities of this season, the liver breaks down toxins and helps filter and Renew our blood, giving us vitality. Two dear friends have recently had liver challenges. My long term High Tea buddy is in ICU with liver issues. And friend Jillian, for the first time in 15 plus years, missed our yearly outing to the San Francisco Flower and Garden show because she recently received a liver transplant. Filled with deep appreciation and gratitude, Jillian reports a feeling of Renewal in her body, mind, spirit. Indeed a New Beginning.

Spring is often a favored time of year to engage in the health practice of Cleansing and Detoxing. Consult your health care practitioner for a recommended cleanse to help support a healthy liver. Foods that are good for the liver include garlic, lemon/limes, grapefruit, beets, carrots, avocado, leafy greens, apples, cruciferous vegetables, olive oil and walnuts.

Whether the Persian New Year, Easter, Passover or Cherry/Tulip Festivals - cultures worldwide celebrate this renewing season of CHEN.
"Be content with what you have.
Rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking.
The whole world belongs to you" Lao Tzu



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